The Guidebook Into Starling City...

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The Guidebook Into Starling City...

Post by Admin Midnight on Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:40 pm

[align=center]THE RULES

You know you must read them. Just to help the experience at NEVER BACK DOWN's be great.


Please don’t join and never log in again. It’s plain rude; and the staff hate it! All right so please register with the name of you’re character. If the staff see hplover002 we know obviously you haven’t read the rules. Please make sure all the names are in proper caps; it makes it all pretty. And no design at the end of them. First and last name are a must; middle names are optional.

Than get started on the application you have a total of five days from the day of registration until the profile needs to be finished. Also please do not change any codes in the application. And don’t comment how stupid or long it is.

Please claim everything for you’re character. Staff and the admin are not that unto date on who’s playing who. Please post in the face claims; this is an open face claim site. So please post; also if some took the play by you wanted; please pm them and ask them if they want to be twins. Or please pick another one.

[Okay; rather than putting all the information under the c-box which looks tacky. And it can really go into a list. Don’t go adverting in the C-box. That’s why we have a advertising board is for. Also please do not put links in your username; its spamming. And you will get asked to remove it.

No fighting. Really? Can we truly act mature in the c-box? Staff doesn’t mind if its in character or out of character chat. We don’t need to act like five year olds in the c-box to one another. If a member has a problems with a member please pm one of the staff members.

Remember: Feel free to talk to us! We love to catch! Just make to sure to follow the rules or your I.P. will be suspended for a short time


First to clear up the site. Sex, and drugs are NOT allowed to happen. This site is rated PG13.

Pregnancies have to be okayed by with the staff members. Also each of the members involved in the baby plots need thirty (30) in character posts with the other character. And if the characters become inactive the baby plot instantly becomes void, and the members have to reapply.

There is no limit to how many words you type. But since this is an advanced/intermediate roleplay. There is a word limit of 250 or more words. The pretty things; extra codes; images you add in you’re threads DO NOT help the word count total.

Please remember people spend time on threads; and posts of there characters so please respect that. And don’t harass anyone for a post. And please do not nag them. It gets really old in the c-box when some keeps nagging someone else for a reply. No it just gets old fast. So please respect others and staff.

There is a limit of three characters for each person. But if you must have more characters than three; you must GET A STAFF MEMBERS APPROVAL. It’s as simple as that. And the staff will talk to each other we have to tell you no; respect it. If we know that a certain player can handle seven characters and will keep them all active. There needs to be forty in character posts before you can create a second, or a third character.

No MARY-SUE’S or GARY-SUE’S allowed. All people have flaws. And you’re characters must.

Yay you've read the rules. If you have any questions about anything don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks for visiting us. Please place this where it says so in the application. Secret Phrase;'Oliver is Arrow'

please leave credit in made by riri182
of caution 2.0 <3 or aka ri of this site!

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